Art In Your SOUTH GRANVILLE Neighbourhood,
April 1-28

25TH MARCH 2017

The Art in Your Neighbourhood exhibition featuring works by local photographer Karen Zalamea will take place within the South Granville neighbourhood during this year’s Capture Photography Festival. Images by Zalamea will be installed in storefronts, with each participating business showcasing a unique work of art.

As you walk, shop or drive through the South Granville neighbourhood you will encounter the works of art, gradually piecing together the full show.

Public tours of the exhibition will also be offered.



About the Artist

Karen Zalamea’s practice explores the interplay between surface and light as two fundamental elements of analogue photography. Her images draw attention to the illusionistic tendencies of the photographic medium, complicating the relationship between depth and flatness.




Why Here?

In the proposed public installation the store window acts as a metaphor for the camera lens through which light passes. The window as a planar feature of a three-dimensional structure suggests the photograph as a thin imprint of a multi-faceted world. Depth and flatness—of environment, of activity, of feeling—are in constant flux. The line between photographic installation and architecture or public space becomes more and more difficult to locate.



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