Mark your calendar for ArtWalk!

The South Granville ArtWalk returns June 20, 2015 for its 4th annual run.

Today, South Granville has the highest concentration of fine art galleries in Vancouver, its legacy as gallery row is cemented as it continues to thrive a half century since its founding. Several new galleries have moved into the area since our first ArtWalk, adding to our reputation as the only area in the city where one can tour the full breadth of artwork available in Vancouver. Our galleries offer a diverse range of art including: Canadian and International conceptual, European modernism and old masters, historical and emerging Canadian art including photography as well as two galleries devoted to First Nations and Inuit work. The special events organized for this one-day-only affair draw art enthusiasts and collectors alike out to admire works by seasoned masters and to discover emerging young talents.

Vancouverites and visitors are all invited to this fabulous, creative event, where they can wander up and down South Granville Street and partake in artist talks, wine and cheese tastings, and attend over 16 different art exhibitions. With the diverse range of galleries on the row, there is truly a medium, style and artwork for everyone.

The Galleries on the row invite everyone to join in the walk. Stop in for an hour or spend the whole day. With no shortage of events and places to visit, we guarantee you will stay much longer than expected.

South Granville Street has proudly donned the title of “Gallery Row” since the sixties. Today, visitors from across the globe continue to flock here, taking in the greatest concentration of art and galleries that the city of Vancouver has to offer. This summer, the gallery owners on South Granville in conjunction with the South Granville Business Improvement Association are hosting the 4th Annual ArtWalk!

ArtWalk 2014 Event Photos