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The South Granville business district boasts over 1400 parking spots to serve you. Our parking map shows all of the local indoor and outdoor parkades and parking lots. Metered parking is also available in designated locations along the streets.


South Granville has been selected to test drive 100 new parking meters for the City of Vancouver. These are no ordinary parking meters… they are the first of their kind in Canada—solar powered, with multiple payment options, virtually indestructible, and totally programmable.

These new meters will accept credit cards, coins, and pay by phone options. According to city staff, the days of suggesting you did not pay because the meter was broken is simply not going to fly any more.

The part we are most excited about… these machines can be programmed to allow different time limits depending on the day of the week and time of day. This is GREAT news for the Stanley Theatre and its patrons who have been struggling with the meters being active until 10pm and a 2 hour maximum stay. Now, customers will be able to buy up to 4 hours of time after 6pm. No more watching the clock, no more dashing out at intermission or between your entree and dessert—you can simply relax and enjoy your evening. It gets better. Monday to Friday daytime parking will remain at a 2 hour maximum for now but the City has agreed to our request of allowing 4 hours of time to be purchased on weekends. Now you can shop, grab a coffee, and not have to worry that you have to be back at your car within the 2 hour time limit. We think this is great news!

The 100 new meters are now located between 10th and 13th Avenue along Granville Street. If the trial goes well, we hope to see every meter in South Granville converted to this new option as soon as the city is satisfied that they live up to their billing.




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