Sixteen art galleries and antique dealers vie to bring the rare and beautiful to the discerning eye of our South Granville shopper. It’s a cultural tradition we can point to with pride—we’ve been “Gallery Row” since the ‘sixties, and today visitors from around the world enjoy the greatest concentration of art and antique galleries in the city of Vancouver.

Concentrated in a relatively small area, Gallery Row approaches the variety and splendour of a Bazaar, offering cultural discovery with some of Canada’s most prestigious art and antique experts. Each gallery and antique dealer has highly trained staff who understands the traditions and techniques associated with the works, be they European, First Nations or Asian.

The variety and quality of work shown in our galleries reflects Vancouver’s sophisticated cultural and ethnic diversity. Contemporary photo based Art and BC Impressionism can be enjoyed in the same block. Canada`s most prestigious Auction House is at home here, hosting an annual auction that draws an international clientele. Rare Asian antiques play against modern sculpture or Art Nouveau bronzes. Huge cast resin bowls in vibrant colours live comfortably next to Chinese floor vases. Eighteenth century Russian oil paintings transport the viewer to another world. In short, we live up to our reputation as a cultural destination unique on the West Coast.

In addition to the fine art houses, a number of speciality stores carry unusual furniture, artefacts and carpets. While not strictly speaking galleries, these merchants, scour the globe to find unique items made by traditional craftspeople and artisans. They bridge the gap between gallery and furniture store, providing a depth and richness to shopping for the home that is truly unique in Vancouver.

One of the most interesting things you can do… is stroll down what they call gallery row on South Granville in Vancouver.

Gallery Exhibits


  • Art-topped tarts by Tarts Bakery

Art-topped tarts by Tarts Bakery

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Call them tarty. These sisters won’t mind. Shawna and […]