• Sawdust and Doors

Sawdust and Doors

It’s hard to imagine today, but just west of Granville Street between 10th and 11th Avenues at the lane was the BC Hardwood Floor […]

  • Dance the night away

Dance the night away

South Granville wasn’t short of fun. You could spend an evening with E. Earl Ellis at his Peter Pan Ballroom in the 1600 block […]

  • Safeway & The Piggly Wiggly

Safeway & The Piggly Wiggly

Safeway Stores started in Los Angeles a few years before World War One as the Sam Seelig Company. The modern Safeway was created when […]

  • Fourth Avenue

Fourth Avenue

In 1907 city council officially changed the name of the street from False Creek to the top of the hill at 9th Avenue to […]

  • At the end of the city

At the end of the city

Did you know 16th Ave was once the edge of Vancouver? When in April 1886 the City of Vancouver was formally established by an […]

  • Rat Portage

Rat Portage

A strange name for a business, but the Rat Portage sawmill on False Creek was one of the largest operations in the city and […]

  • Welcoming Royalty

Welcoming Royalty

In 1939, South Granville was decorated with flags and streamers hung on the light standards from the bridge to 15th Avenue to welcome the […]

  • Movie Theatres

Movie Theatres

Before the Stanley, movies could be seen at the Fairview Theatre, later the Roxy, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. The Fairview was demolished when […]

  • Lighting our world

Lighting our world

In between the shopping and the eating take a close look at South Granville’s street lights. Along with more modern poles there are […]

  • Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

In 1907 the city council officially changed the street from False Creek to the top of the hill at 9th Avenue to South Granville […]

  • The Big Land Owner

The Big Land Owner

The Canadian Pacific Railway controlled over 6000 acres ( 2400 hectares) of land outside of the downtown peninsula and South Granville Street was right […]

  • Batter Up!

Batter Up!

A who’s who of baseball once played at Athletic Park at 5th Avenue just east of South Granville Street. Opened in April, 1913 with […]

  • Emily Carr’s studio

Emily Carr’s studio

For many years a modest two storey building on the north west corner of Broadway and Granville was home to Broadway Shoes. But few […]

  • Where is this?

Where is this?

The construction of the Granville Street bridge in the 1950s dramatically altered the north end of the street because it was much higher than […]

  • Under the Asphalt

Under the Asphalt

“The City Council have decided to use fir and cedar blocks for most of their street paving, and have adopted the policy of having […]

  • The Granville Street Bridge

The Granville Street Bridge

In 1888 Canadian Pacific Railway work crews cut a new road, “a slit through the forest”, to the North Arm of the Fraser River. […]

  • A Slit in the Forest

A Slit in the Forest

It’s been known as a “mud wallow”, occasionally the North Arm Road and then Centre Street, before being officially named South Granville in December […]

  • The Stanley Theatre

The Stanley Theatre

The Stanley Theatre was popular with audiences from the day it opened in 1930 until it closed in 1991. With the threat of demolition […]

  • South Granville Street Cars

South Granville Street Cars

South Granville was on the tourist map in the 1940s as part of the city tour provided by the BC Electric Railway’s popular observation […]

  • 15th & Granville

15th & Granville

By 1916 automobiles had become a common sight on the city’s streets and South Granville started to see the construction of the first of […]

  • Firehall No. 4

Firehall No. 4

It wasn’t long before the street car service from downtown up to Broadway and over to Main Street in 1891 prompted construction on the […]