Posted on 4 SEPTEMBER 2018

South Granville’s art galleries offer a wide selection of solo, feature or group shows to keep you topped up with creative inspiration throughout the year.  Here is a selection of the latest art exhibitions for your cultural calendar in September 2018.  To learn more about all the art galleries in the neighbourhood, please refer to our Arts & Culture directory.

Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver presents Sheri Bakes: Open the World
September 8 – 22, 2018

Open the World marks the beginning of a new chapter for artist Sheri Bakes, who recently relocated from Mt. Pleasant in Vancouver to a remote farm on Vancouver Island. Surrounded by open fields of light, forested trees and dirt paths well worn by the animals who live there, the new environment is an expansive and grounding place for Bakes’ studio and plein air painting practice.

Opening Reception
September 8, Saturday, 2-4 pm
Artist in attendance

Open The World
Oil on canvas, unframed
42 x 48 in.

Bau-Xi Gallery
3045 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3J9
604 733 7011

Ian Tan Gallery presents Sean William Randall: In The Blue Future
September 8 – 30, 2018

Canadian born, Regina based painter Sean William Randall’s dynamic oeuvre depicts a man whose brilliant colour sensibility coupled with incisive awareness has made him one of Canada’s most interesting painters working today.

Opening Reception
September 8, Saturday, 2-4 pm
Artist In Attendance


Last September
2018, acrylic on canvas
48 x 48 in.

Ian Tan Gallery
2342 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3G3
604 738 1077

Marion Scott Gallery presents Vicky Marshall: Forest broken down
September 13 – October 6, 2018

Kardosh Contemporary and the Marion Scott Gallery present, Vicky Marshall: Forest broken down. The exhibition will comprise of 25 exuberant paintings and works on paper in the artist’s first show in Vancouver in two years.

Opening Reception
September 13, Thursday, 7-9 pm


Spring 1, 2018
oil on canvas
20 x 24 in.

Marion Scott Gallery/Kardosh Projects
2423 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3G6

Elissa Cristall Gallery presents Cut, Weave, Throw and Print
September 13 – 29, 2018

Elissa Cristall Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of four artists: Rachael Ashe, Aurora Landin, Alwyn O’Brien, Amanda Wood who are working in paper, textile, ceramic and print. The exhibition is curated by Lesley Finlayson. This exhibition coincides with the Textile Society of America 16th Biennial Symposium to be held in Vancouver September 19-23, 2018 at the Sheraton Wall Centre.

Opening Reception
September 13, Thursday, 6 – 8 pm


A Matter Of Shadow
Alwyn O’Brien, 2018
Yellow: Porcelain, Oxidation fired glaze, clay, hand built
11.5 x 10 x 51 in.
Grey: Porcelain, ash glaze, Reduction fired, hand built
12 x 17 x 49 in.

Elissa Cristall Gallery
2239 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3G1
604 730 9611

Kurbatoff Art Gallery presents Dolf Vermeulen
September 20 – October 4, 2018

Dolf Vermeulen is a young self-taught photographer residing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. He has called this place home ever since his family moved to Canada just a year after he was born in England. During the summer of 2016 Dolf worked as a photographer in one of the most scenic areas of Canada, let alone the entire world, at Peregrine Lodge Fishing Adventures, in Northern Haida Gwaii.

Opening Reception
September 22, Saturday, 2-4 pm
Artist In Attendance


Archival Print, Face-mounted to Acrylic (1/3)
36 x 54 inc.

Kurbatoff Gallery
2435 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3G5
604 736 5444

Petley Jones Gallery presents Blake Ward: The Space Within
September 27 – Oct 18, 2018

Blake Ward’s works from his Spirits Collection expand on the techniques of figurative sculpture developed in antiquity. Challenging established norms, these sculptures illustrate Ward’s contrarian approach presenting the contemporary figure by revealing the interior space of the human form thus evoking a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious.  Holding fast to his love of the human figure, Ward leads us toward self-discovery.

Opening Reception
September 27, Thursday, 6-9 pm
Artist in attendance


Zagzagel, Wisdom 1

Petley Jones Gallery
2245 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3G1

Header Image (cropped): Rachael Ashe, Seigaiha Series 1, 2017. Hand cut screen printed paper 16 x 20 in. framed.

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