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August 11 -25, BAU-XI GALLERY VANCOUVER presents Steven Nederveen: Light Play

Posted on 2 August 2018

The horizon is at once both the line where the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet and the limit of a person’s mental perception or experience. Engaging with this semantic duality, Steven Nederveen’s panel surfaces, too, present a horizon: the boundary at which the artist and audience make contact. This interest in the horizon is the focus of Nederveen’s exhibition Light Play, on view this August at Bau-Xi Vancouver.

As part of his ongoing exploration of the natural environment and the landscape tradition, Nederveen’s evolving practice incorporates photographic technique, painterly brushstrokes and gestural mark-making. The artist’s multi-layered process explores these sites of exchange with in-depth studies of water surface, panoramic vistas of sky, and immersive atmospheric scenes of the liminal space between.

Opening Reception
August 11, Saturday





For more information about this group exhibition visit:

Bau-Xi Gallery
3045 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3J9
604 733 7011


Pictured above:

Like Water and Fire
Steven Nederveen
48 x 48 in. Mixed media – unframed.

Light Play
Steven Nederveen
42 x 42 in.
Mixed media on panel with resin, unframed.

Steven Nederveen
56 x 36 in. Mixed media on panel,  unframed.

Chateau Royale D’Amboise
Steven Nederveen
42 x 42 in. Mixed media on panel with resin, unframed.

Valley Of Gold (Header Image)
Steven Nederveen
12 x 72 in. Mixed media on panel, unframed.

Images and text credit: Bau-Xi Gallery.