Posted on 16th FEBRUARY 2018

Fresh pizza and pasta is the theme of the newly opened Fiore Restaurant in South Granville. With no other pizza-pasta centric spot in the neighbourhood, Fiore is already unique; but what stands out is their tastefully modern spin on Italian inspired food.

Fiore-Restaurant-South-Granville-VancouverRavioli – red beet ricotta, sage butter, roasted beets.

Well thought-out flavour combinations are influenced by regional and seasonal ingredients that are predominantly organic. Pastas are fresh and crafted by hand. Pizzas are made from scratch with their own naturally-leavened sourdough (no yeast) using a special blend of flour, considered one-of-a-kind in Vancouver. And, adding to the restaurant’s charm is a warm and lively ambiance to bring the neighbourhood together.


Handmade Pasta and Pizza

Sometimes, the best things are the simplest, but simple doesn’t mean basic…far from it, at Fiore. Menu-wise, choices are condensed but with superior flavour combinations – highlighting about 3-5 different options for antipasti, pizzas, pastas and desserts depending if it’s the lunch or dinner menu. And, there are daily specials along with a lighter bar menu between lunch and dinner service.

Fiore-Restaurant-South-Granville-VancouverBietola Pizza and Capocollo Pizza.

For pizzas (12”), creative garnishes run the gamut from smoked boar bacon with sundried tomatoes on a base of tomato sauce (al bacon) or spicy chorizo with charred kale pesto, red kale, and parmesan (kale chorizo) to rapini on carmalized onions with a bianco sauce and parmesan (bietola). The sourdough crust, baked in a stone oven, is thin but crispy bottomed with pillowy ends and light char speckles. And, yes, pizzas can be ordered for take out!

Fiore-Restaurant-South-Granville-VancouverSquash Fettuccini – roasted squash, hazelnut dukah, chili.

Handmade pastas are equally inventive. Flavour combos for pasta, like pizzas, will rotate every 3 months but expect pairings like ravioli with sunchoke ricotta, braised beef stiletto and sunchoke chips or green olive cavatelli with marinated artichokes, potato soubise and olive cracker – ideal for vegans. For gluten-free options, Fiore makes their own in-house tagliatelle, appetizers and desserts.

Presiding over the kitchen and menu is the talented Alexandrea Fladhamer (formerly of Ask for Luigi, Burdock & Co, and the infamous Noods popups).

Fiore-Restaurant-South-Granville-VancouverChris, Jakub (Manager), Maddie, and Alexandrea (Chef).

Fiore Restaurant is the second venture for the group behind the Stable House Bistro in South Granville. The Bistro’s Matt Landry (BC’s Top 3 Somms 2017) is also the curator of the all Italian wine list for Fiore.

Get to know Fiore Restaurant in our recent conversation with co-owner – Peter McGee.

How did you settle on the concept of a pizza and pasta restaurant in South Granville?
As far as we’re concerned there should be good Italian in every neighbourhood, so pasta was a given. And since pasta and pizza are intrinsically linked to people getting together, it is a great fit.

Describe your vision for the restaurant?
We wanted the restaurant to be a comfortable spot where locals can gather to have a sit-down meal but also to eat at the bar or even have a drink while you grab a pizza on the way home.

What inspires the menu?
The idea behind our menu is: local, seasonal, house made. The soul of the kitchen is chef Alexandrea Fladhamer, who we met during one of her popups in Gastown last year (Noods) and were blown away by her pasta. That started the conversation and here we are.

For first-time diners at your restaurant, which dish is a must?
It’s a little early to tell which one will be the signature dish but the sunchoke ricotta filled ravioli with braised beef stiletto and the kale & chorizo pizza are in the lead so far.

Why did you choose to make fresh pasta instead of using traditional dried pasta?
We are trying to create unique dishes and fresh pasta gives our chef much more freedom with adding ingredients into the pasta dough. For example, our farfalle has dried porcini mushrooms and the cavatelli are made with green olive tapenade.

What is the inspiration behind the top-style bar seating area?
We wanted the restaurant to be casual hangout spot where you can grab a drink with friends, have a meal with your family as well as a romantic dinner or business lunch. By creating bar seating we were able to merge different styles of dining.

What is the story behind the restaurant name?
We were basing the look around a modern farmhouse feel so dried flowers came to mind but we also have a strong wine focus and Fiore actually refers to the free-run juice that occurs during the wine making process; so, it has a double meaning.

What do you think will surprise people the most about your restaurant?
The restaurant is on a busy street so the curb appeal isn’t great but once you’re inside looking out, the room is really fantastic and filled with an abundance of natural light during the day.

Fiore Restaurant
1485 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6H 3J5
604 558 1485

Fiore-Restaurant-South-Granville-VancouverMaking green olive cavatelli.

Fiore-Restaurant-South-Granville-VancouverCitrus Salad.

Fiore-Restaurant-South-Granville-VancouverBietola Pizza – rapini, parmesan, bianco sauce, carmalized onions.