Bau-Xi Gallery, South Granville, Vancouver, art

July 13-27, BAU-XI Gallery upcoming exhibition VICKY CHRISTOU

Vicky Christou is a mid-career artist whose work explores the illusionary play between colour, proportion, and pattern. Christou constructs a dimensional surface within the pure form of the grid by meticulously applying layers of lines of acrylic paint by hand, synchronized to one full meditative breath. A record of accumulated paint lines are seemingly cast out for a thematic search of the netted form, inviting an optical play between the pigments solidity and illusionary characteristics. With dozens of painted marks repeated, Christou’s highly textured surfaces culminate into an artifact of making which defy traditional distinctions between painting, sculpture and craft.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Christou immigrated to Canada in 1969 and is a graduate of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. She lives and works in East Vancouver.

Opening Reception:
Opening reception: Saturday, July 13

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