November 10 – December 1, ELISSA CRISTALL GALLERY presents Small Pictures Show

Posted on 1st NOVEMBER 2018
Ideal for condo dwellers or homes with scarce wall space, Small Pictures For Small Spaces  features the small-scale artwork of Mara Korkola, along with four other artists, including Jeroen Witvliet and Lesley Finlayson.

Featured artist, Mara Korkola, creates luscious and textured oil on panel nighttime scenes in single, diptych and triptych formats.  Late evening is Korkola’s signature time of day. This is when she prefers to paint as it allows for uninterrupted sessions and working wet on wet, a technique that gives her paintings their lush and fluid surfaces. It is also her favourite time to photograph cities, when streets are devoid of human traffic and the lights emanating from buildings, headlights and street lamps appear jewel-like against the black sky. Korkola documents her paintings on foot with a focus on the intersection of nature and cities. The interplay between trees and artificial light is perhaps what excites her most, prompting concentric, impasto brushstrokes in electric colour.

Opening Reception
December 1, Saturday, 2-4 pm


For more information, please contact the gallery for full details:

2239 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3G1
604 730 9611

Header Image, and Preview:

 (Cropped)No Place #425,
Oil on panel,
Mara Korkola,
10 x 8 in.


West Coast Landscape #1,
Oil on panel,
Lesley Finlayson,
20 x 20 in.

Landscape with Pond,
Oil on panel,
Jeroen Witvliet,
8 x 10 in.

Images and text credit: Elissa Cristall Gallery