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November 15 – 29, KURBATOFF GALLERY presents Jane Bronsch: New Works

Posted on 29th OCTOBER 2018

A Vancouver-based artist, Jane Bronsch holds Masters Degree in Fine Art. She has been successfully exhibiting her work nationally and has her paintings in many private and corporate collections.

“With my life-long passion for visual arts I have never been too appreciative of talk around it. I am a believer in an non-expert eye. Nothing can teach you to admire, dislike or remain indifferent to what you see. Some history around the piece or the artist could be entertaining at times, but will not help your soul feeling touched by it. Your eye stopped and the process has begun. The slight impulse pulled out of your memory a similar scene, familiar warmth, a momentary emotion, and you are reliving it again. That is all I am hoping for. Enjoy if you do. I certainly had while working on it.” Jane Bronsch

Opening Reception
November 17, Saturday, 2-4 pm
Artist In Attendance


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Playing Solo

Acrylic on canvas
52 x 44 in.
Jane Bronsch

Chesterman Beach (cropped header)
Acrylicon canvas
36 x 72 in.
Jane Bronsch

Image and Text Credit: Kurbatoff Gallery