October 28, HOUSE OF KNIVES 40th Anniversary Celebration Live Events

Posted on 19TH October 2018

House of Knives is celebrating their 40th Anniversary with educational Live Events, where you’ll learn better knife skills, how to sharpen, and and more! There’s only 20 spots available per event! And all attendees will receive a House of Knives goody bag.

Event Schedule – South Granville
2:45pm – 3:45pm, October 28, Sunday 2018: Whetstone Sharpening With a Master
4:00 pm, October 28, Sunday 2018: Knife Skills 101

Event Details:

Whetstone Knife Sharpening With A Master
Learn to whetstone sharpen from a master. Mino Tsuchida of Global Knives will be at House of Knives to show you how to master the art of whetstone sharpening, and teach you all about Japanese kitchen knives.
Make sure to register here. Only 20 spots available.


You may have heard of “all stainless steel” kitchen knives. Did you know Global Knives are the ones who pioneered that style?

Mino Tsuchida, affectionately known as Mr. Global, will teach you all about Japanese kitchen knives. During his presentation, Mino-san will show you how to masterfully sharpen knives using a whetstone, and teach you about single-bevelled knives vs. double-bevelled knives.

Join House of Knives in South Granville for this Live Event, to learn from and share Mino-san’s relentless passion for kitchen knives.

Knife Skills 101
Do you want to learn to use your knives better? If you want to learn the basics of kitchen knife use and care, come join us for a live event. You’ll learn how to keep your knife sharp, how to chop, dice, and julienne, and much more.
Register here. Only 20 spots available.


Do you want to learn to use your kitchen knives better? When’s the last time you used a honing steel?

At our Knife Skills 101 Live Event, you’ll learn the basics of how to use and care for your kitchen knives, with a few advanced tips and tricks as well. You’ll learn it all directly from one of House of Knives top knife experts.

You don’t need to have any knife skills to benefit from this event. House of Knives will teach you everything, starting at the bare basics.

You’ll learn:

How to keep your knife sharp
How to use your knife and perfect your technique
How to chop, dice, and julienne like a pro
Knife tips and tricks
How to protect your knife for years of use


See more details about the House of Knives 40th Anniversary Celebration click here.

For more information, please contact the store for full details:

House of Knives
2655 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3H2
604 737 3663

Text and Header Image Photo Credit: House of Knives