25TH JULY 2016

As many of you are already now aware, the South Granville neighbourhood has a fabulous, new mural at Granville and 13th. Displayed on the side of the William-Sonoma (2903 Granville Street) and Stable House Bistro (1520 West 13th Avenue) building, the 120 foot mural was created by renown muralist Ola Volo. This public art pays homage to some unique aspects of the history of the South Granville neighbourhood.


Granville & 13th. Photo by Where Vancouver

Ola says, “As a visual storyteller, my inspiration lies within the stories that once were part of this South Granville building. In the early 1900s, a building at Granville and 13th Avenue was a stable where horses were kept. I loved learning about the past and have that inspire the new street art that now lives on South Granville”.


Artist Ola Volo. Photo by Peter McGee, The Stable House Bistro.

Months of planning by Sharon Townsend, Executive Director of the South Granville Business Improvement Association, and Peter McGee, owner of The Stable House Bistro, helped to create this striking work of art. Painted by artist Ola Volo herself, the mural took approximately 12 days to complete. This work of art is a legacy project from the Annual South Granville ArtWalk.


Artist Ola Volo visualizing and painting her mural design. Photo by Peter McGee, The Stable House Bistro.


Mural entitled Pacific Horses by artist Ola Volo. Photo by Peter McGee, The Stable House Bistro.


South Granville mural created by Canadian Artist Ola Volo

The mural is a hit with residents and visitors to the neighbourhood. The work of art has become a popular conversation piece and is inspiring photoshoots with fashionistas, family and friends.


When your outfit accidentally-on-purpose matches the new South Granville mural. @janellesaccucci


Cool South Granville style from @zack_michael_ in front of the neighbourhood’s new Pacific Horses mural. Photo by @gracedwithstyle.


Two friends hanging out by the new mural, enjoying Blenz Coffee drinks. Photo by Blenz Coffee

Here is a sample of what everyone is saying:

“As a South Granville-ite, I love it! Thanks for your investment in a beautiful neighbourhood. #ilovemyneighbourhood” -Jess Brodeur, ‏@space_cadet00

“Love this mural. Just walked past it tonight. It made me feel happy.” -@julienpowell

“Very much enjoyed cruising by this mural as it goes up in South Granville. Yay for public art!” -Dayanna Platt, @daymakesart


Trippin’ around the neighbourhood. Photo by Bryn Weiner, @bryn_sw.

To see more pictures of the mural in its many stages, visit the South Granville Flickr account: