Q&A: Kelvin Chong, VBCE South Granville Manager

25TH MARCH 2015

Meet Kelvin Chong, Vancouver Bullion and Currency Exchange (VBCE) Branch Manager, and his South Granville team. Through this candid Q&A, Kelvin shares some information about one of his favourite Vancouver neighbourhoods and some details about his employer that you may not have already known.

How long has our South Granville location been around for?

22 years

What year, month did VBCE open its doors?

Summer of 1993

What message would you like people to know about VBCE?

We strive to provide the best service, product availability, product knowledge and accountability.

Can you characterize the South Granville neighborhood clients?

The clients here are professionals, stay at home parents, white and blue collar workers, students, the elderly and foreigners. They are all great and respectful to our business. Without them all, we wouldn’t be in business for 20+ years.

Tell us about a particular standout South Granville customer or resident that sticks out in your mind?

There is an elderly gentleman who walks around the neighbourhood and randomly starts to sing. Even though I don’t know what he’s singing about, his voice is just lovely and nobody ever complains about him.

What do you like most about being on South Granville?

South Granville is full of character from the unique retail shopping to Gallery Row and the historic buildings like The Stanley Theatre, Kaplan Building, and the Edward Chapman Block just to name a few.

What I like most are my walks during my breaks, especially when the sun is shining. My stroll starts from Broadway and Granville down to the residential homes on the side streets and then back to VBCE. It’s a nice peaceful walk during the mid-afternoon.

Over the years what changes have you noticed about the South Granville shopping district?

I enjoy the diversity in stores and restaurants that have made the Granville strip home. This comprises a good mix of big chain stores to small family run shops.

What improvements on South Granville have you enjoyed the most?

I enjoy the overall cleanliness of the streets and sidewalks of the South Granville neighbourhood. In addition a lot of stores are dressed up with hanging potted plants outside during the spring and summer, and colourful street banners brighten this community year round.

What South Granville neighbourhood festivities do you enjoy the most?

The ArtWalk… Gallery Row opens up their businesses with food and drinks, and they share their art through unique displays and exhibitions. This year, the event is on Saturday, June 20th, 2015.


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