September 27 – October 18, PETLEY JONES GALLERY presents Blake Ward: The Space Within

Posted on 4th September 2018

The Petley Jones Gallery presents The Space Within, works from Canadian born sculptor Blake Ward.

From a prominent Canadian family, Blake Ward’s works from his Spirits Collection expand on the techniques of figurative sculpture developed in antiquity. Challenging established norms, these sculptures illustrate Ward’s contrarian approach presenting the contemporary figure by revealing the interior space of the human form thus evoking a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. While Ward remains true to his roots in traditional sculpture, he brakes free from the formal academic model with his Spirits Collection, crossing over into the abstract and the ethereal. These ¼ scale, partial bronze figures are both seductive and magic, their perfect proportions reflect hidden perspectives found within our human condition. The textured exterior surface alludes to the layered complexity of our individuality. The open, exposed interior elicits introspection. Holding fast to his love of the human figure, Ward leads us toward self-discovery.

Blake Ward received his Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta in 1979 and went on to study classical figurative sculpture in Paris until 1989, when he moved to his current studio in Monte Carlo. When he was invited to teach at the University of Hanoi in 2003, Ward began a journey combining art and activism. His Fragments Series of sculpture presents a bold socio-political voice calling out to our humanitarian dreams of justice, truth, and equality and he has been a positive force raising funds and awareness for the eradication of landmines. Ward’s work has shown in Monaco, France, England, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Delhi, The United States, and Canada.

Opening Reception
September 27, Thursday
6-9 pm
(Artist in attendance)



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Zagzagel, Wisdom 1 (Header Image)

Images and text credit: Petley Jones Gallery