SHOES2GO opens new boutique on South Granville


Unique collections, unique designers, Shoes2go… everywhere in style!

Boutique owners Joanna and Nick Cruciat (Your Shoe Guy) have setup shop in the South Granville neighbourhood to bring you those unique, ‘only “I” got them in the city’, European and South American quality shoes. Shoes2go to the office, to the beach, on a first date, to your sister’s wedding, for a walk, to a business lunch, to impress the family, to that cocktail party, all in style, in comfort, in unique fashion! They want to be your Shoe Guy for every occasion.

Joanna and Nick work directly with unique designers from all over the world to strive to bring you one-of-a-kind, quality, small collection shoes for every occasion. They personally choose every pair of shoes they sell. They match the price with the quality, and even try them on to test the fit and level of comfort.

One of the boutique’s feature designer collections, new to Vancouver and exclusive to Shoes2go, is Joaquim Ferrer. Behind the stylish Ferrer brand name is a family business that traces its roots to a young and talented prêt-à-porter designer, based in Barcelona in the early 1970’s. Joaquim Ferrer has a real sense of glamour and creates unique, one-off designs for catwalks, fashion shows and television. For its sleek top-end shoe designs the brand uses exquisite materials, the finest leather with exotic prints and ultra-rich texture often specially designed in workshops in Florence. The brand has found a perfect balance between fashion trends and functionality, and always aims to combine a sense of style with versatility and comfort.


This fashion footwear collection fits perfectly with Joanna and Nick’s philosophy for their entire retail concept. Shoes2go have established an exclusive relationship with this brand. Designer Joaquim Ferrer was even in Vancouver, all the way from Barcelona, for the Shoes2go grand opening in September 2015!


The result is handmade shoes and handbags created for fashionable, confident and active women that have “places2go”… priced for every shoe lover’s pocket!

Visit Shoes2go to see their entire collection of unique, hand-made, designer footwear and fashion accessories for women and men.


For more information contact:

3055 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3J9
604 620 7463