Posted on 14TH Aug 2018

An Homage To The Rainbow Wall

When it comes to public art, there are few things people love more than murals! Fortunately, Vancouver is a mecca for murals, and among the most recognized and adored street paintings is one of our own in South Granville.

Some people have called it the Four Prisms mural, while others have referred to it as the Technicolour Gems. Officially, there is no designated name for the vibrant mural that adorns the north-facing wall of 2321 Granville Street. But, it’s most popularly known as the Rainbow wall, with Radiating or Starburst as an occasional prefix.


Having the mural undefined has allowed public admirers to interpret and embrace it as they wished, and the lovefest has been bigger than we imagined possible! Since 2016, an untold number of locals and visitors have connected or engaged with the photogenic Rainbow mural, which quickly became well-known as one of the most Instagram-worthy and iconic murals in the Vancouver!


What’s lesser-known is the story behind the mural. It began when our business association was developing event creative for ArtWalk 2016, which turned into graphics inspired by the stunning Refracted series of artwork by Kristofir Dean, an Ontario-based artist focused on geometric abstraction and represented by Ian Tan Gallery in South Granville.

The ArtWalk visuals expanded to a mural (and later to street banners), rendered and painted by Milan Basic with assistance from Oxana Gaidacheva. Ten weeks later, and countless cans of paint, the eye-catching 4-piece mural was completed! It was an instant hit with its psychedelic, vivid pop of saturated colours and beams of the light radiating from single focal points. The bold and beautiful interaction between light and colour created different three-dimensional perspectives, depending on the viewing angle and time of day.



It has been a joy to observe the playful ways that people have posed for pictures with our community’s mural. We’d love to see it continue inspiring people everyday, but in the name of progress the mural’s wall will soon be coming down to make way for a new building development.


For the love of this mural and as an homage to its legacy, we’ve assembled a collection of some of our favourite Instagram images for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy, and thank you to everyone that took time to visit and view South Granville’s Rainbow mural!

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