The goal of your South Granville Business Improvement Association is to make the South Granville shopping district the best in the city with multiple opportunities for merchants and property owners to succeed.

In 2018 the SGBIA conducted a Business and Property Owner Survey in order to hear from you – our stakeholders.

Click Here to read the report and see the results of this survey.

2018 South Granville BIA Business and Property Owner Survey Report pdf link

South Granville Business Improvement Association
2019-2024 Strategic Plan


South Granville is a welcoming, vibrant and prosperous destination that offers a unique, authentic and high quality experience.


To make South Granville the destination of choice for shopping, dining, entertainment, and other services; and to act as a catalyst for vibrancy and prosperity in the area through advocacy, marketing, events, improvements, and co-operative initiatives.

Guiding Principles

The South Granville Business Improvement Association will:

  • be an advocate and voice for South Granville business and a catalyst for action.
  • be accountable, fiscally responsible and transparent.
  • be led by an involved and visionary Board, representative of a cross-section of South Granville interests.
  • work to strengthen South Granville’s position as the shopping destination of choice for Metro Vancouver.
  • consider all sides of relevant issues to maximize member benefits.

Five Year Goals & 24 Month Objectives

Offer Enhanced Member Services & Strive for Operational Excellence

Provide appropriate resource tools and relevant information to members on a regular basis

Support commercial initiatives that will benefit members through convenience and education eg. Recycling

Where feasible, provide cost-effective member services eg. Concierge Program (street security), graffiti removal, loss prevention, social media support

Always seek to match cost-effective delivery with excellent services

Provide a Clean and Safe South Granville for All to Enjoy

Engage social enterprise where appropriate

Maintain and enhance working relationships with strategic partners to develop innovative approaches to street issues eg. City of Vancouver, VPD, Coast Foundation etc.

Maintain and strengthen strong relationships with the Community Policing Office

Provide an Enhanced Public Realm for All to Enjoy

Pursue street enhancement opportunities through banner excellence, street furniture, landscaping, way finding, murals and decorative lighting.

Leverage City of Vancouver and provincial projects to provide local infrastructure and street amenities eg. Corner budges, pedestrian lighting

Seek new opportunities for public art

Be an Effective Advocate & Voice for South Granville

Protect the interests of members in issues such as:

  • Broadway Corridor Rapid Transit
  • Granville Bridge Walkway
  • COV Bike Share
  • Street Parking
  • Redevelopment applications

Identify and support initiatives to preserve the financial viability of member businesses

Champion fair taxation for commercial rate payers until a policy of fairness is implemented in line with regional and national averages

Increase Number of People Visiting South Granville

Look for innovative marketing opportunities for South Granville with appropriate partners, and media channels

Develop initiatives to showcase the unique mix of businesses found in South Granville, and effectively circulate visitors through the area

Partner with the Stanley Theatre to leverage all opportunities that could be mutually beneficial

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